____IRMOS____ for Ukraine

in the Netherlands!

12-19 June 2023



Irmos – from Greek, means: “link, tie, connection”. It is a prayer that sits at the heart of ancient Ukrainian spiritual singing. Irmos is a connection between heaven and earth. The connection that holds the world together.

As a liturgical genre of ancient Ukrainian sacred music, IRMOS has gradually left the church rite over the last three centuries. It can be found only in old prints of archives and in libraries of old monasteries. Therefore we are incredibly happy to be able to present this enormously beautiful music, sung by most exquisite artists to the Dutch public!

Since the beginning of the war Natalya and other members of Word and Voice Theatre Centre have been presenting  ‘IRMOS for Ukraine’ throughout numerous churches in Ukraine, Poland, Latvia, Lithuania and UK, sharing message of peace and collecting funds in support of the People of Ukraine.


A Word from Natalia Polovnyka, founder of Word and Voice Theater Centre in Lviv

My land is a Song. Always and today, it is full of the will to live! Because life always wins over death. We will win together with you!

This Russian war is aimed at the genocide of Ukraine. At this time, the work of the “Slovo i Golos” theater is particularly important – it is the theater in Europe that carries out the Living Tradition of Ukraine.

 I am very pleased to be organizing the Dutch concerts by Lviv’s Word and Voice Theatre Centre, a unique theater founded on the revitalization of Ukraine’s cultural heritage through the life contained in its ancient spiritual and traditional songs.

Word and Voice have created new performances with internally displaced Ukrainians, including widows and mothers of fallen soldiers, become a heating point for the city of Lviv by purchasing a stove and a generator, and continued work on a new performance that aims to inspire all Ukrainians with the recognition of their unique poetic and philosophical history inspired by the works of Hryhorii Skovoroda.

This tour is once again an opportunity to share that rich cultural and intellectual history with the people of Netherlands and a fundraising both literally by funding Word and Voice’s essential work as a heating point and metaphorically in our collective resolve to support Ukraine against Russia’s inhuman aggression.



____________12 June

19:45-22:00 Ukrainian singing charity workshop with Reykur Choir in Utrecht —> click here for more information and registration

____________13 June

15:00 Live Broadcast at Concertzender —>click here

20:00 IRMOS concert in Vondelkerk Amsterdam —> click here

____________14 June

19:00- 21:30 Ukrainian singing charity workshop in Schiedam at Ruimte voor Beweging —> click here for more information and registration

____________17 June

Afternoon Ukrainian singing charity workshop in Utrecht (more information soon)

____________18 June

13:00 IRMOS concert at Nicolaikerk in Utrecht —> click here

19:30 IRMOS concert at Nicolaikerk in Utrecht —> click here




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